Seeing Christ in You Evangelical Fellowship

5619 Woodland Ave.

Philadelphia Pa 19143

Tel. 215 726 0116

†††††† The Seeing Christ in You Evangelical Fellowship is a vision of its founder Dr. Enoch Williams Jr. and as a result of his innovative concepts has brought together a dozen or more Christian Brothers and Sisters, some of whom are physically challengedwith a common goal.

†††††† The following statement reveals the motivation and center of focus for pursuing the course of action outlined as their purpose. 

†††††† We believe in one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Incarnation as the Lamb of God, accomplished through the hypostatic union. He was and is without sin not just

man nor God, but the God-Man, perfect in all respects as the faithful witness for humanity and representing us before the Father as Lord and Savior.

†††††† We believe that Jesus has finished a work, which is complete in every area of need for man to be reunited with God as his Heavenly Father and empowered through the forgiveness of sin and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, so we can walk with our God here and now and for all eternity.

†††††† We believe that Godís word is His infallible instruction for us, which will keep us from sin and lead us to a fuller relationship and greater experience of who God is in this present age as we look for the return of Jesus to take His Church to Himself and bring all things under His Authority only to give to His Father all things, which were given into His hands.. 

†††††† We believe  God has ordained that those who are Christís are to serve Him with all your Heart in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit through the gifts given to us as Godís Children to bear fruit that is eternal and manifested by the Holy Spirit to the Glory, Praise , and Honor of God.

†††† The Idea that many of us are limited by physical infirmity, can not under mind Godís purpose and provision for those of us, who find ourselves in this situation, and we are stepping out in faith on the promise of God to bring forth much fruit and that it should remain.

†††††† This does not limit us in working only within the disabled community, but that we will represent Jesus Christ in all spheres as the Holy Spirit leads. The elderly, and youth are two of our main concerns.

†††††† The gifts and talents of those committed to this ministry are varied and cover a wide range of needs such as teaching for the purpose of sharing the knowledge of present and future enablement, hospice care, and prayer for meeting lifeís challenges, through singing to encourage and bring joy to the hearer, supplying physical needs whenever possible.We are dedicated in our endeavors to follow Jesus whenever and wherever He leads.

The Seeing Christ in you ministry is offering to those who are interested in studying with Dr. Enoch Williams Jr on Friday Night for 2 hours of Biblical study. Please send an email to the following link.